With 10+ years of experience in the Nordic Furniture, Lifestyle and Home Accessories business, I offer my skills to brands with an ambition of scaling their business outside their home market.  With my experience and network, I can support you in many ways - I can help you build your international strategy, and also help execute it.

My mantra is very clear - the best decisions is taken with your eyes wide open - both for the good and the bad.  So in a strategy-process, I will drive and support you to take the right decisions in the right order for you to accomplish the targets in the strategy.

A strategy is worthless, if it's just a PowerPoint presentation - it has to be an active tool for you and your team. A guidance for most decisions; small and large.

If you need help executing the strategy, I offer that too. With me as a teamplayer always thriving to "play you better", and always with an eye for both longterm and shortterm gains. 

When hiring me, as your independent consultancy partner, you will get a partner, that will work as an integrated part of your team, but without all the paperwork of a fulltime employee. 

I always bring a dedicated, trustworthy and professional effort, no mater what task we are facing. With my strong and trusted network, I can offer you a strong and longlasting solution, to take your brand to the next level.


Business partners, that I can help your brand co-operate with:

  • Market leading retailers (Department Stores, Retail-chains, specialist stores)

  • Project and B2B partners (Architects, Interior designers, Corporate gifting)

  • Agents and distributors

  • SoMe influencers

  • Online platforms (Amazon, Rakuten, TMall)

Generally I have always worked GLOBALLY, but obviously my competencies are strongest in some markets, and my core markets, where I fell "at home" are:


  • Germany

  • France

  • Scandinavia

  • BeNeLux

  • Spain


  • Japan

  • South Korea

  • Hong Kong

  • China

  • Taiwan


  • Australia

  • Canada

So, if you need help to take your brand to the next level, and accomplish those high ambitions, and get your brand out of your home field, and into to the global markespace - reach out to me. 

I only work with brands where the connection is there, and where our joint values match. So prior to any collaboration we will go through a screening process together, this is of course free of charge - as it has to be the perfect match for both sides.


If we match, and start a collaboration, you and your team will be part of a strong group, where we all work together, and play each-other stronger. I offer a strong cooperative model, where I connect my customers, and through that you can meet likeminded people facing some of the same tasks as your self.  It's amazing what a strong group of brands can achieve when working together with an open mind. 

I look forward to be hearing from you, if the above has triggered your interest.


Jakob AAEN
Tel.: +45 4111 3110